A Three-Year-Old Missed Halloween Because of a Flight, but Got to Go Trick-or-Treating on the Plane

Some guy was flying from Boston to San Francisco with his three-year-old daughter Monday night. We don’t know his name, but his daughter’s name is Molly.

And she was pretty bummed, because she had to fly and didn’t get to go trick-or-treating. So before their flight, he printed out a bunch of cards explaining how disappointed she was.

Then he taped candy to each one, and handed them out to all the other passengers. So she got to go trick-or-treating on the PLANE.

The note asked them to drop the candy in her basket when she walked by. It also said they didn’t HAVE to do it . . . but we’re assuming the flight wasn’t full of total jerks.

Someone posted a photo of the note on Twitter, and another one of her walking down the aisle in her costume. But it’s a little too dark to tell what she was wearing.


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