The day after New Year’s is the most popular day for couples to make babies!

Hey, great news or HORRIFYING AND TERRIBLE NEWS, depending on where you are in your life.

According to a new study, more women get pregnant on January 2nd than any other day of the year. And that was last night . . . so if you did play “Monopoly” we’re talking to YOU.

The study even found the most likely MOMENT for a baby to get conceived is 10:36 P.M. last night.

So why is the day after New Year’s so popular?

The researchers say it’s because all the chaos of the holiday season is finally over, couples finally have a moment to themselves in their own bed, they’re still feeling happy and loving after Christmas . . . and BOOM. Baby.

And since the average pregnancy lasts 38 weeks, that means September 26th is the most likely birthday for all of these new babies.

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