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Join a Gym That’s Closer to You, and You’ll Work Out More

Here’s an easy way to get to the gym more. Just pick one that’s closer.

A new study found the average person with a gym membership lives four miles from their gym. And just one or two extra miles can have an effect.

People who went to the gym at least five times a month lived an average of 3.7 miles away. People who had a membership but almost NEVER went lived an average of 5.1 miles away.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll totally skip the gym if it’s more than four or five miles away. But you might use it as an excuse. And it’s a lot harder to make excuses if your gym’s right around the corner.

The one exception in the study was with really NICE gyms. People were willing to drive almost twice as far to get nicer gyms that had more amenities.



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