Luke Bryan concert preview!

Luke Bryan has established himself as one of the hottest acts in country music right now.  His tours bring in millions across the country and he seems to LOVE the midwest.  Just last year in Feburary of 2016, Luke rocked the Peoria Civic Center in a near sold out show and now he is coming back to the area!  Tickets go on sale 3/10 and this show will sell out…but before you buy those tickets what can you expect from a Luke Bryan show?

I have seen Luke several times now and one thing I know for sure is that it WILL be a party!  He is always high energy and having a blast on stage.  This tour has a huge talent opening for him, Brett Eldredge.  Brett has plenty of time on this tour to tear up the stage.  I did some digging and found Brett’s set list for early on the tour.

  1. Superhero – a new song from the upcoming third album.  You can find some videos of it on YouTube.
  2. Don’t Ya – His third single but the first one to really take off.  Don’t Ya was his first number 1 from way back 2012.  The song has been downloaded more than a million times!
  3. Something I’m Good At – His latest single that is bouncing around the charts right now.  It is a fun up tempo track.
  4. Wanna Be That Song – This song is a smash hit that peaked in the winter of 2016.  His fifth number one that is sure to be played at weddings for a thousand years.  It is the next “I don’t wanna miss a thang” lol
  5. Beat of the Music – The follow up single to Don’t Ya.  This song went number 1 in 2013 and helped take his first album “Bring You Back” to Certified Gold Status
  6. Drops of Jupiter – a huge song from the band Train.  What can I say?  You will know every word and sing along with everyone there!
  7. Sure Feels Good to Love Someone – another song from the upcoming third album.  You can get a sneak preview of it on youtube.  It seems like a fun upbeat song
  8. Drunk on Your Love – Eldredge originally created the song as a demo, and debuted the song in July 2015 for the wedding of Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line.  Drunk on your Love peaked at #2 on the charts and probably would have been his 5 straight number one if Carrie Underwood’s Heartbeat hadn’t held the top
  9. Long Way Around -More new music from the upcoming album.  The only reason this irritates me a little is that he knows we don’t know it at all and we won’t hear it for a long time because the new record isn’t even finished.  There are still a few great songs he could do from “Illinois
  10. Mean to Me – His third number one from “Bring You Back“.  This really solidified his status as a star.
  11. Lose My Mind – The first release from “Illinois” and his fourth straight number 1 single.  He probably wraps the song with something about “Let’s lose our minds for Luke Bryan!


So now we are pumped a 45 minute set from Brett Eldredge got us fired up for that hip shaking, booty swaying legend… Luke Bryan.  First, let me take a trip down memory lane as I remember that Luke opened for Tim McGraw in Peoria in 2011.  Luke used to do a little rock medley that included AC/DC’s “Hell’s Bells” and Metallica’s “Enter Sandman“.  I was sitting with my friend Susie and we were digging Luke then the bells toll.  The bells that every rocker knows.  The first sounds you hear when you pop in AC/DC’s “Back in Black” album.  The rocker horns go up and I scream out…and apparently I was the only one….everyone else in the arena was like…”What is this…?”  Luke turns his head towards me, points and gives me the respect nod.  Everyone else realized what it was soon enough but too late, Luke knew I was the only real rocker in there.  lol.  I need to remember to ask him about this when we hang before the show in May.  I found Luke’s set list for this tour and it seems like there are a few variations so it will be a surprise as to what we get for an encore but, it seems like the rest of it will go like this….

  1. Move – Coming out swinging! This will surely get the crowd moving!
  2. That’s My Kind of Night – a number 1 from 2013 that will keep that party going
  3. Kick the Dust Up – The first single from the latest album “Kill the Lights
  4. Rain is a Good Thing – Going a bit old school Luke.  Although, this song is from 2010 I feel like we have been jamming it for longer.
  5. Crash my Party – The first single from the fourth studio album of the same name from 2013.  This tour came to Peoria with Florida Georgia Line and a little know guy named Cole Swindell opening.  My wife (girlfriend at the time) went to this show and 9 months later my daughter Adelaide was born…hmmmm coincidence?
  6. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye – The fourth single from Tailgates and Tanlines.  That was a massive album and this song brings back some great memories from 2012
  7. I See You – An unheard of sixth single from the Crash My Party album.  This is one of my favorite Luke songs
  8. Fast – Luke’s latest single that is quickly climbing the charts. This is the sixth from “Kill the Lights
  9. Do I –  Going way back to May of 2009. Bryan wrote the song with Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood from Lady Antebelum.  Hillary Scott from Lady A also sings on it.  I don’t think he brings anyone up to sing her parts live.
  10. Drunk On You – The third single from “Tailgates and Tanlines“.  This had every guy trying to pick up girls saying “Girl you make my speakers go boom boom”
  11. Roller Coaster – The fifth single from “Crash My Party” this is a song that feels like a memory.  We all have that one summer romance that comes crashing back to us when we smell lemon shake ups and elephant ears.
  12. Country Man – Going Real old school Luke Bryan here.  His third single from way back in 2007.
  13. Play It Again – The fourth single from “Crash My Party“.  This song is every single guy in high school trying frantically to recreate a moment that he missed the first time.
  14. Strip it Down – The second single from the “Kill the Lights” album. A very stripped down love song that will surely have the lighters in the air.
  15.  Night Moves – A Bob Seger cover.  Everyone knows and loves this song.  He brings out Brett Eldridge to sing with him for the next couple songs
  16. Thinking Out Loud – A Ed Sheeran cover
  17. Let’s get it on – A Marvin Gaye cover.  It makes sense to do this after and mixed with Thinking Out Loud as Ed Sheeran was sued by the estate of Marvin Gaye for copywrite enfringement.
  18. Drink a Beer – This song was co-written by Chris Stapleton after Luke’s brother in law died suddenly.  You can hear the pain in the lyrics and Luke’s voice as he sings it.
  19. Huntin Fishing Lovin Everyday – The song that gave the tour it’s title.  A salute to the southern man lifestyle.  It is Duck Dynasty in a song


  1. I Don’t Want this Night to End – Another song that feels like a memory.  The second single from Tailgates and Tanlines.  If you don’t have a memory of driving around with no where to go just trying to be with someone then you missed out!
  2. Country Girl (Shake it for me) – Last year I asked Luke what his favorite song to sing live is… Here it is.  I said “really?  Why? I thought you would have picked a deeper more personal song“.  His answer was perfect.  “Everyone here is here to have a good time and when I play it they shake, they dance, and they are really having a good time.  It isn’t about me.  It is about ya’ll
  3. Enter Sandman – This song seems to change from show to show but I am willing to bet he does this one a lot because he does it brilliantly!

There you have it.  A preview of the upcoming Luke Bryan show May 18th in Moline.  I know I’ll be there.  Dancing and shaking it all night long.  What are you most excited to hear?  What songs are like memories to you?

Joe Greenwood

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