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Stop Bullying today

As most of you are getting ready with your kids to go back to school, this Dad is dealing with a parents worst nightmare…. losing a child.  This breaks my heart, NO parent should have to bury a child!

Here is a heartbroken father after losing his 13 year old boy to suicide, brought on by bullying.I HATE Bullies!  I always say “hate” is a strong word but I really cannot think of any other word for the kids that tormented this poor 13 year old boy til he thought suicide was the only option.  Shame on those bullies who probably laughed at the torment they put this poor sweet boy through.

If you are being bullied in school, online, or anywhere–please ask for help, you are not alone.  Email me if you feel like you are alone at or reach out to a friend or family member.

As Daniel, a 13 yr old boy was about to hang himself, I wish I could have hugged him or told him this is only the beginning, that he has a whole life and world ahead of him and not to let bullies take that way from him. I would tell him you are not alone and that life was not over because of these immature cruel kids that tormented you.

R.I.P. Daniel


-Jaymie 🙁







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