New Year Resolutions – Yeah Right!

New Year Resolutions

We all make them (well many of us do anyway), and most of us don’t/can’t keep them…of course I’m talking about resolutions for the New Year.  I know what you’re thinking…’what’s the point, I only made it a week last year so I’m not going to make any this year’.  Pfffft….even if you only made it a week, that’s 7 days of doing something to make YOU better.  Oh and by the way, who says you can’t start back up on the resolution after you ‘broke it’ after the first week?

So many people complained about 2016 being such a lousy year (loss of loved ones, celebrity deaths, election….), so I say let’s do what we can to control what we can, change what we can and make this year a better one for us personally.  C’mon, let’s do this together…if we fall or break a resolution we can be there to pick each other up and get started again.

Here are a few things I’m working on this year:

  • One way to make it a better year is simply – Believe That Anything is Possible
  • I’ve never been a list maker, but to Start Each Day With Goals and writing them down
  • I used to eat real ‘clean’ and have gotten away from that, so – Eat More REAL Food and not processed
  • Take Time to Read…Something – ANYTHING
  • I used to run 5k’s, 10k’s, half marathons, full marathons but had a few setbacks, so – Run at Least Three 5k’s
  • Something else I used to do a lot and have gotten away from is exercise, so – Exercise Daily Even When it Sounds Like a Terrible Idea (even if it’s just pushups)
  • It could be my kids, my good friends or whoever – Hug The Ones I Love
  • I’m not sure the reason, but so many people always try to knock others down so I’m going to do the opposite and – Find The Best in Others and I will Show Others The Best In ME
  • Have you ever really made a point to go on adventures?  They don’t need to be major, but a simple day trip to Starved Rock to hike, or pitch a tent somewhere for a weekend, or just a hike or a bike ride somewhere you’ve never been or paid attention to – Go On Adventures…A LOT OF THEM

What are some of yours?

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