Dr. Chris Michaels

Just A Second
Lunch time just got better!  Each weekday Dr Chris gives you a chance to win great prizes with musically challenging game ‘Just A Sec’.  Doc plays a one second song clip, you figure it out and he sets you up with FREE STUFF!  Want a sample?  Check it out.

Facebook Friend Of The Day

Each weekday at 1:45pm, listen to see if you’ve been selected Wolfies Facebook Friend Of The Day!  If we call your name, simply call us back within 10 minutes and 49 seconds for your chance to win lunch for 2 from Qdoba!  Make sure you sign up HERE if you haven’t already!

Midweek Treat
The New 104.9 The Wolf and Le Bakery in the Metro Centre are giving you and up to 15 of your co-workers a delicious afternoon treat each Wednesday with The Midweek Treat.  The Wolf will bring you a tray of the tastiest decorative cookies in Central Illinois, giant frosted cinnamon rolls that will leave you licking your lips for one more, fresh baked from scratch European style bread, along with elegant and delicious brownies and homemade pies.  ENTER HERE to win from LeBakery located in the Metro Center and The New 104.9 The Wolf!

Secret Phrase
John and Jaymie say “There has never been a recall on nachos.” Is that correct or is it just the secret phrase?  Listen for Doc to give the Secret Phrase every afternoon at 4:45 pm. Then when you hear John and Jaymie repeat it the following morning, call in and win amazing prizes!

The Secret Phrase for Tuesday is “I had that cartoon sweat going on”

What’s Up Doc?
Dr Chris has his fingers on the pulse of Nashville and Hollywood, and doesn’t mind sharing his opinion on music, movies or life in general.  Take a peak inside Docs’ mind (if you dare) while he shares with you his thoughts on everything from the latest music to something he found in his couch cushions.