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The Good The Bad And The Ugly
John and Jaymie bringing you headlines from across the world.  It’s not news, it’s news with an attitude.  Sometimes it’s like an episode of cops where the guy with no shirt is screaming at the police saying “it’s not mine” and some peoples gene pools need a little extra chlorine.  Some head shaking, some heart warming, and some hair raising.

Step Your Game Up
Think you have what it takes to raid Wolfies Prize Closet…then step your game up!  Trivia, Prison Price is Right, Who Dat Is, I love the 80’s, and Yes or Gobbledee Goop are just some of the games they play for your chance to win something good from Wolfies Prize Closet.  Master one, or master them all…just play!

Morning Buzz
Find out what’s buzzing around the water cooler.  Who did Team Blake steal on The Voice? Get the latest celebrity gossip and the latest country news.

The Pack Has Spoken
John and Jaymie provide the topic…you provide the conversation.  Every day John and Jaymie ask a question and want to know what you think or what you’ve done in a situation.  Want to call?  309.682.1049 or 309.353.1049.  Chime in on Facebook?

Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm
Gather around the radio children and get ready to learn!  Impress your friends with this amazing, yet useless knowledge.  Every morning John and Jaymie give you 5 facts or pieces of information that they’re pretty sure you didn’t know…or maybe you did.

Secret Phrase
Jaymie says she saw a chicken eating cotton candy…did she or is it just the secret phrase?  Listen for the Secret Phrase to be given every afternoon at 4:45 pm, then when you hear John and Jaymie repeat it the following morning…call in and win amazing prizes!

Just Jaymie
We know John and Jaymie are a great pair, but here is Jaymie’s blog where she goes solo with her opinion and views on married life, fashion, movies, tv, music, her pets and being a girl!  If you already are a fan of John and Jaymie why not check it out?  Sense of humor required