We all know what a spoiler is right? It’s a piece of information about a tv show or movie that isn’t widely known or is SUPPOSED to be a surprise, but someone unknowingly or, worse, KNOWINGLY, divulges said piece of information, thus SPOILING the show or movie for that particular viewer.

So what is the expiration dates for Spoilers? For instance, The Walking Dead season 7 Premiere was last night and if I were to tell you who died in the episode without giving you fair warning that spoilers were ahead, then I would be a Top Notch Butt Monkey! But if I’m in the hall talking with a friend about Star Wars: The Force Awakens and I say, “So, do you think Han Solo is really dead?” And my friend says,”DUDE!! How about a spoiler alert?! I haven’t seen it yet!!”, am I still out of line? I mean, the movie is a year old after all. If you haven’t seen something within the first 12 months of it’s release then I say all bets are off and the “Spoiler Alert” statute of limitations be lifted.

Your thoughts?




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