Wednesday Wisdom – Thoughts From Behind The Microphone

It’s okay to call me a germaphobe…I’m good with that in this case.  You’re going to buy a Halloween costume this year, and you may even try it on…just like everyone else.  Ewwwww.

Doctors see a lot more cases of HEAD LICE this time of year partly because kids are back in school, but also because of everyone trying on Wigs, Masks, and Costumes for Halloween.

You might look geeky, but if you take a shower cap with you when you try on wigs, it might just save you from an embarrassing itch.

Once you buy a costume, seal it up in a plastic bag for 48 hours.  If there are any lice in there, they’ll die within a day or two.

I’m itchy just sitting here typing this.  Ewwwww




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