Our husbands are spending how long on the Commode?

The average man spends a YEAR of his life in the bathroom!!! according to a new survey.  The biggest chunks of that are 52 total days shaving . . . 97 days showering . . . and 112 days sitting on the toilet.

I had no idea they were spying on my hubby Michael for this survey! lol  But seriously, with our phones men and women are spending more time than ever on the toilet for a couple different reasons.

1-It is the only place we can escape from the kids or pets

2-We are doing more work on our phone and for some the bathroom is our home office

3-We are addicted to our phones and spending more time than ever on them no matter where we are

This is why my Michael has a shirt that say “When I Swipe, I wipe”, and still wears it in public much to my embarrassment.  Who do you think spends more time on the commode in your home with their phone?  You or your other half?



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