I Did Something I Don’t Think I’ve Ever Done Before

This may be something you’ve done before, and maybe it isn’t, but either way I can pretty much promise you that I never have.

See, I love movies…I’ll watch them over and over and if they are really good I’ll watch them a gazillion times.  But I can say pretty positively that I have never gone to a theater and paid good money TWICE for the same movie.  That’s just not the way I roll, but good grief, A Star Is Born in fantastic!  I’ve seen it twice within a week…I KNOW, RIGHT?

I’m not afraid to admit friends, I cried like a baby.  Flat out cried.  Yes I’ve seen the other versions of the movie before, but that doesn’t matter…this one is just that good.  Actually, it’s better than ‘just that good’…it’s magnificent.  See it if you haven’t…and men, you don’t have to worry about losing your man card if you tear up a little, it’s almost expected.



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