I Really Wish She Wouldn’t Have Done It

After 30 years in the Radio Industry I have met more wonderfully talented people than I can remember…the classics artists like Merle Haggard and Eddy Arnold, the 90’s country peeps like Garth, Alan and Vince, and of course artists from the 2000’s and 2010’s.  Of all the artists that I’ve had the privilege to meet, I only have ONE autographed picture up in my office.  Just one.  Taylor Swift.

I’ve always been a fan of Taylor since the first time I met her when she was just 14, so full of talent and incredible smarts.  See, Taylor was the first to really use social media with all it’s power to help achieve greatness.  Myspace…remember that one?  Taylor had over 1 million downloads of her music BEFORE she ever released anything to radio.  She surrounded herself with an amazing team that were marketing geniuses, managers, people to do this and that, every move thought out and calculated…but Taylor was just Taylor, and it was fantastic and that in my opinion was her biggest strength.

This past weekend she did something I really wish she hadn’t…she caved and started talking about politics and who she was going to vote for.  Dang.  Here’s the thing about that for me, and this is my opinion only and I don’t claim to speak for anyone else, I really don’t care who you vote for and I can’t stand when celebrities get up and use fame as a platform to speak on politics.  See, now I’m rambling…but it makes me crazy.  You and I are just normal people, no one is watching our movies, looking up too us, waiting for us to walk the red carpet, and hang on every word we say and we don’t have 112 MILLION Instagram followers that we can influence in any way.

Two things they say you should never talk about on a date or a family function…religion and politics.  So why is it okay for celebs to go on talk shows and blather on and on about their political feelings, get up on a stage and rant about the President or political issues.  My problem with this is I feel the young huge followers of Taylor or any celebrity will vote the way she does not because that’s what they think or feel, but what Taylor says she thinks is right.  Makes. Me. Crazy.  Taylor Swift says she usually tries to vote for women…really Taylor, the sex of the candidate shouldn’t be the reason they get your vote.

With all that being said, I beg anyone who isn’t sure whom to vote for to actually read and research on which politician supports what is important to you.  Is it gun control?  Is it abortion?  Is it jobs or the economy?  International issues?  Open boarders or crack down and try to slow things down on the number of people coming into the country illegally?  I have voted for men, women, Republican and Democrat…not because they are a man or woman, Republican or Democrat, but for reasons that were important to me.  It could be Democrat or Republican, it could be some of each…just vote, but for the love of God all things holy (now I’ve covered both religion and politics)…do some research and follow what you believe in and not just because someone famous says you should vote one particular way.  Think for yourselves and not follow the pack just because it’s what so and so thinks.  What do YOU think?  What is important to YOU?



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