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Seats for Soldiers At Dozer Park

Dr. Chris Michaels is saving ‘Seats for Soldiers’ at Dozer Park today and tomorrow (August 8th and 9th).  Dr Chris will be trying to save EVERY seat at Dozer Park for a soldier and to raise money for Hope for the Warriors.

With the support of Presley’s Outdoors and the Air National Guard, Dr Chris will be up bright and early Wednesday morning to take his seat in section 104 and move seats with every donation.  Dr Chris will be sitting there for 36 straight hours through the overnight until Thursday at 6pm.  Doc is also inviting EVERYONE to come down to Dozer Park starting at 4pm on Thursday to sit with him for the remaining two hours and show your support for our armed services.

Text the word SEATS to 20222 or Donate online

Hope for the Warriors is help our armed service members and their families with many support programs.  Everything from Job Placement to PTSD support to financial support to struggling  deployed military families.  To find out more and to apply for services from Hope for the Warriors go to

Join us today and tomorrow August 8th and 9th for Seats for Soldiers, with Presley’s Outdoors, the Illinois Air National Guard and the station that is giving hope for the warriors…The New 104.9 The Wolf!




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