I Take My CMA Vote VERY Seriously

To be very clear, I like Chris Stapleton and Miranda Lambert…I like them both a lot.  There have been times that I catch myself singing ‘Tennessee Whiskey‘ and other Chris Stapleton songs for no particular reason other than I just really like the songs,  however…..

I am a voting member of the CMA and I take my vote very seriously when I cast it.  Every year I will discuss with others, at times debate and argue as well as discuss, on who should receive the vote for the category for that they were given the nomination.  I don’t vote for the ‘to cool for the room’ guy, or the ‘they really got shafted in the past so I’m going to vote for them’ person, or ‘I think because they passed away they should win’.  There is a voting criteria that we as voting members of the illustrious CMA are asked (and expected) to follow when it comes to casting our vote.

When it comes to radio airplay success, which is the key factor in the voting criteria, neither Chris Stapleton or Miranda had any to speak of, especially if you are comparing them to the other nominees (Tin Man from Miranda reached #24, Either Way from Stapleton reached #26).  Concert tickets sold is where Miranda see’s success, but not as much success for Chris Stapleton.

Blake Shelton, as an example, who wasn’t even nominated this year had 2 songs that qualified for voting and they both reach #1…. sells out arenas, on the voice twice a week, always on the t.v. talk shows, magazine covers and everything else that falls into the voting criteria…didn’t get invited to the nomination party.  Hmmmmm

I’m not a Blake ‘homer’, nor am I bitter in anyway shape or form that ‘my guy’ didn’t win…I just expect more from my fellow voters is all.  The Wolf has been incredibly lucky to have been nominated for both CMA and ACM radio station of the year in the past, which by the way really makes me puff out my chest in pride for being a member of the team here.

I am really loving the sound, the artistry, the incredible talent that country music is so blessed to have representing it…and I will go toe to toe with anyone who wants to discuss it.  I just wish others would take their vote as serious as I do, that’s all.




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