The Thanksgiving Dinner Breakdown And It Should Cost You Less Than $5 Per Person

Apparently, if you spend more than fifty bucks on Thanksgiving dinner this year, you’re a sucker? The American Farm Bureau Federation just released its 33rd annual study on how much it should cost to serve Thanksgiving dinner this year. And they say that you should be able to serve dinner for 10 people for just $48.90, or less than $5 per person.
That’s based on serving these 10 things: Turkey . . . stuffing . . . sweet potatoes . . . rolls with butter . . . peas . . . cranberries . . . a veggie tray . . . pumpkin pie with whipped cream . . . milk . . . and coffee.
For the first time ever, the study also added some new optional foods this year: Ham . . . Russet potatoes . . . and green beans. If you also serve those, it will add $12.82, taking you up to $61.72 for the meal.



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