This Is How We Do Christmas Cookies In Our House

There is Christmas cookie decorating, and then there is CHRISTMAS COOKIE DECORATING!  Look, I’ve never really been the cookie decorating kind of dude…but my family, it’s a whole new level!  Me, I grab a cookie and slather on some frosting and walk away with the cookie half in my mouth and more frosting on my hand than the actual cookie.  My family set up some sort of regimented, well planned, artistic extravaganza cookie decorating!

Every year at this time is the Annual Cookie Bake something or another thing at church and the family gets set and prepared for it every year.  This year I believe they made 400 cookies which means they decorated 400 cookies without the intent of eating a single one!  Who are these people!?!?  Ok so they are family, but c’mon…eat a cookie or two you freaks!  Decorate 400 cookies and not eat them or give any of them to their little brother….pfffft!  Bah humbug I say…BAH HUMBUG!



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